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Another barrier to Windmill Hill footpath

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 8th September 2020
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Another barrier to Windmill Hill footpath

The dispute over public access to the Windmill Hill footpath, overlooking Clanfield and Chalton, has taken a unfortunate turn in the last 24 hours with another barrier in the way for walkers. Clanfield Online has been reporting on this problem over the summer. Path dispute

Yesterday, a local walking group noticed a metal gate had been erected across the footpath at the top of the hill, apparently blocking public access. A local path warden has confirmed that a new metal field gate has been erected, about a metre from the existing farmer’s gate. The original gateway has a gap to allow walkers to access the path – the new gate does not. At present the new gate is secured by a rope, but if padlocks are attached then users will have to climb the gate to continue their walk.

Two unofficial signs stating, ‘no public right of way’ continue to be displayed on the fence: HCC footpath signage has been removed but the path warden has painted yellow arrows on fence posts to assist walkers.

Since early June, a flood of complaints has been received about this popular footpath. The HCC Rights of Way team have been working hard to resolve this dispute and, following the removal of a skip and undergrowth barrier across the path in August, there were signs of a peaceful settlement - sadly, this was not to be.

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