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Reeve Butchers & Deli – Christmas orders

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  • Published: 24th September 2020
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Reeve Butchers & Deli – Christmas orders

Ron Reeve Butchers & Delicatessen are busy receiving Christmas meat and deli orders from customers, old 

Christmas is coming early at Reeves Butchers!

So much has changed this year, we have had to adapt to a whole new way of working, and COVID guidance is constantly changing and evolving. With that in mind, we have been thinking about Christmas and we want to provide you with the opportunity to get Christmas sorted early.

✓ Be safe in the knowledge that your Christmas feast is at home, ready for when the big day arrives

✓ Avoid the Christmas queues

✓ Save yourself some pennies in the process

✓ You store your purchase at home in your freezer (yes, this offer means you must have freezer space, as we cannot store it for you!)

So here are the important details (please make sure you read it all… we can only make this work if you know all the information)…

SAVE £3 per kilo in October / £2 per kilo in November

We are reducing the price per kilo of our Boneless Turkey Christmas options during the months of October & November.

The price you pay is determined by the date you collect your order, NOT the date that you place your order!

To qualify for the October price, your order must be collected between Thursday 1st and Saturday 31st October

To qualify for the November price your order must be collected between Monday 2nd & Saturday 28th November

IN ADDITION to these savings we are also offering the following discount on your total shop when you purchase one of the boneless Turkey options.

Spend over £50 save 5%

Spend over £100 save 10%

So have a good think about what you might want for Christmas, order it now for collection as above and pop it in your freezer!

This additional discount qualifies on the additional items purchased and is not combinable with the already discounted boneless turkey options.

EG. You purchase a large 3 bird roast for the approx. price on £58 and collect it in October. In addition to this you have also ordered some pigs in blankets, mini sausage rolls, and a nice big joint of Rolled rump. Your total price comes to £102 (over the £100 marker which qualifies you for 10% saving). You receive 10% discount on the items EXCLUDING your 3-bird roast, which total £44 (£102 - £58). You therefore save an additional £4.40 off your total bill.


3-Bird Roast – A mix of Turkey, Chicken and Duck breast, stuffed with a mix of our Pork sausage meat and sage & onion stuffing, topped with smoked streaky bacon.

Normally £16.48kg

October price £13.48kg (Save £3 per kilo)

November price £14.48kg (Save £2 per kilo)

Turkey Butterfly – Whole turkey breast stuffed with a mix of our Pork sausage meat and sage & onion stuffing, topped with smoked streaky bacon.

Normally £14.48kg

October price £11.48kg (Save £3 per kilo)

November price £12.48kg (Save £2 per kilo)

Boneless Turkey Breast – simple as that! Boned and rolled and ready to pop in the oven

Normally £14.48kg

October price £11.48kg (Save £3 per kilo)

November price £12.48kg (Save £2 per kilo)

Check out our image below for our guide price info

Terms & Conditions:

• Your order must be collected on the date agreed in order to qualify for the price per kilo.

• The guide prices stated, are just that. Each item is individually weighed in the shop as each one will differ in size. However you will pay the price per kilo that is applicable on your collection date.

• Orders can be placed in the shop, via our social media channels or over the phone.

• We do not require any deposit. All payments will be taken upon collection. We accept cash or cards.

• All orders, once placed are final. We cannot reduce the size of the boneless turkey option you have chosen once the order is placed.

• All Christmas boneless turkey will be freshly frozen in advance, for you to take frozen and to place in your freezer.

• We are unable to store any orders in our freezer, under no circumstances.

• We are unable to take orders for Whole turkeys for collection during October and November

We will open our order books for Fresh Christmas meat in due course, but when we do, these orders will only be available for collection on our 3 designated Christmas collection days.

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