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Windmill Path – footpath blocked again

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 5th November 2020
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Windmill Path – footpath blocked again

The dispute over the footpath at the top of Windmill Hill, overlooking Clanfield, Chalton and Blendworth, has sprung back into life. Clanfield Online has been reporting problems experienced by walkers over the past 6 months; with footpath signs removed, a large metal skip placed across the path, illegal signs erected and finally, a new metal gate installed.

This week it has been reported that the new gate has been padlocked shut and walkers have found it difficult to access the path across the top of the hill. In addition, yellow footpath signs have been removed and a sign stating ‘No Public Right of Way’ has been reinstated on the Windmill property fence. Complaints have been made to Hampshire Countryside Service and the HCC Access Team are working to deal with this new development.

The original farm gate, in place for many years and adjacent to the field, has always allowed a wide gap for walkers to access the designated footpath.

Clanfield Online can now report that there is a small gap in the hedge, at the side of the second locked gate, that walkers can use. It is not the 1.2 metre minimum width that should be maintained by landowners, but at least it gives some access for the moment. Please let us know if this gap becomes blocked.

This footpath is a shown on the Hampshire Definitive Map and “Public rights of way are paths and tracks over which all members of the public have a right of passage.”

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Windmill Path – footpath blocked again

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