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Hampshire Police Alerts - A Message from Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth As Tiered Restrictions Are Introduced In England

  • Author: Hampshire Police
  • Published: 5th December 2020
  • Categories: News, Community & Volunteer, Hampshire

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A Message from Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth As Tiered Restrictions Are Introduced In England

As Hampshire and the Isle of Wight enters the new national tiered system of restrictions from Wednesday 2 December, Hampshire Constabulary is thanking our communities for continuing to restrict the spread of Covid-19 by following the government regulations and providing vital crime prevention advice.

Limiting the spread of the virus is primarily the responsibility of public health, but we know that our role is an important one and that compliance with the legislation will be an influencing factor in mitigating risks for the public and the NHS at this important time.

Tiered restrictions

Assistant Chief Constable, Maggie Blyth, said: “The vast majority of people have observed the regulations in place over recent months. I’d like to thank them all for their concerted efforts to restrict the spread of the virus in such challenging times.

“We know the ongoing impact these restrictions have on people’s lives. We will continue to follow the approach of engaging, explaining and encouraging people to comply with the restrictions, but blatant breaches will face robust enforcement action from our officers.

“We will continue to maintain Covid-19 related patrols, as required, in addition to usual policing as we move into the tiered system. This is to address any problems that are identified to us and ensure that people are observing the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Everyone must observe the restrictions from the highest tier that they are travelling from or to, at all times. We will not be preventing people from travelling from one area to another, but are working with ferry operators and partner agencies to ensure that people are informed about the different restrictions in place on the Isle of Wight as compared to the rest of Hampshire.

Support and crime prevention advice

“There are individuals and children that will continue to suffer from the impact of domestic abuse during the government restrictions. This is worse during a period behind closed doors where contact with other people like friends and family is restricted. Anyone who is facing abuse or harm should call 999. If you’re not in a position to speak press 55 and our controllers will know what to do. We are there for you, please call us if you need us in an emergency.

“You can also call Hampshire Domestic Abuse Service on 03300 165112 or Stay Safe East on 0208 519 7241 to get confidential help.

“With more people potentially leaving home to return to work following the recent lockdown and the darker evenings, I’d also urge everyone to look at the burglary crime prevention advice on the Hampshire Constabulary website. Make sure you lock up properly, don’t leave Christmas presents on view, and leave a light on to deter opportunistic thieves.

“With many small businesses potentially re-opening this week I’d also advise owners and their staff to check that their premises remained secure during the recent restrictions, and that systems like CCTV and alarms remain in good working order now that they’re trading and have cash in the building.

“Throughout the pandemic, use of technology has boomed, with individuals using online solutions to purchase, access, and make use of goods and services more than ever before. If you’re buying presents online please make sure you check whether the site you’re using is reputable. You can find more advice on the Action Fraud website –

“Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to restricting the spread of the virus. Hampshire Constabulary remains committed to playing its part keeping you and our communities safe in these unprecedented times”.

Message Sent By
James Pusey (Police, Senior Communities Officer, Hampshire and Isle of Wight)

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