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Local charities need your help

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  • Published: 1st June 2020
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Local charities need your help

Clanfield Online has featured news from Home-Start Butser and Horndean and Clanfield Foodbanks over the past few weeks. These local charities are working extremely hard to ensure that those who need support in this crisis are assisted.

Have you been buying a few extra ‘treats’ over the past few weeks? A chocolate bar, a packet of biscuits or bottle of wine that have mysteriously found their way into your shopping trolley – it happens to me all the time!

There’s nothing wrong with buying a few treats to raise morale during the lockdown but don’t forget those who are struggling in this crisis: those who have lost their jobs or living on reduced income, where every penny counts. If you can afford it, please give to our local charities: put that treat back on the shelf and, instead, buy tinned or packaged food that will help a family put a meal on the table. The Clanfield Cop-op support the Horndean and Clanfield Foodbank and has a collection bin at the front of the store – let’s keep it full.

Home-Start Butser supports vulnerable families with food, baby goods, supplies and regular contact from their network of volunteers. Their planned fundraising events have been cancelled, so its even more important for the community to help out by donating money.

Think of the pounds you will lose from your waistline when you donate ££ to help local families.


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