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Spring plants arriving but beware frosts

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  • Published: 4th April 2020
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Spring plants arriving but beware frosts 

April is here, the sun is shining, and the temperature is beginning to climb. Nigel Hadwen at Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist has already received a fresh order of plants and more are expected next week.  This is welcome news for so many of us, who are itching to get out in the garden and relieve the boredom of staying at home. 

However, he has a word of warning about planting so early in the season. “There still may be frosts in the next few weeks, so take care to protect tender plants. Clanfield, here in the Downs, is more exposed to frosts  – you don’t want to buy twice!”

Wise words from Nigel, who has dealt with the same plant nursery for years: he wants you to be delighted with your purchases and not waste your money.

So, when you make your veg box order (email orders only) you can add in a list of plants as well.  

  • mailto:
  • Write "Veg Order" in the subject line
  • Ensure you include quantities of each item
  • Write your name and phone number
  • We will call you when the order is ready and for payment

Let’s make Clanfield bloom with colour this year – gardens, window boxes, hanging baskets and windowsills. 

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