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What is Online Mediation?

  • Author: Hazel Manktelow
  • Published: 25th April 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

What is Online Mediation?

Helen Manktelow of Choice Family Mediation explains the process of family mediation and how she can offer an online service to clients.

Family mediation involves meetings between a couple who are separating with a trained mediator. The mediator’s role is to be impartial, give information and use their training to assist the couple in making decisions as to how the children’s time is to be shared or how the financial assets are to be divided.

Family mediation can deal with many other matters arising from a separation, but the child arrangements and finances are the issues which most often arise. Traditionally the meeting between the couple and the mediator will take place in person.

Online mediation is a meeting between the couple and the mediator, but it takes place via video call. I use Zoom and have the ability to create waiting rooms and breakout rooms and therefore enable the process to be managed in the same way as if we met in person. There are specific rules which need to be adhered to for online mediation which include:

  • There cannot be anyone else present in the room /able to overhear the conversation when the mediation takes place

  • The mediation meeting must not be recorded

  • The quality of the connection must be of a good quality to enable the mediation to proceed

  • Ideally, the separating couple will be in separate locations and not in the same house when the mediation takes place

I have always offered online mediation. In the past it has mainly been used where a couple are already separated and are living in locations where it is not easy for them to both travel to meet with a mediator in person. However, in the current social distancing environment, online mediation is being used for couples who are separated but still living in the same house or are still local to one another.

If you are separating or have separated and issues have arisen during this time of social distancing, then I am able to offer you mediation online. Please feel free to telephone if you would like to know more.

Hazel Manktelow 07495 746 897



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