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Clanfield Walks 3: Windmill Hill and old Blendworth

  • Author: Amble Wobbler
  • Published: 30th April 2020
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Clanfield Walks 3: Windmill Hill and old Blendworth

In this time of ‘lockdown’ you can get good exercise locally, using local footpaths or driving a short distance. All the countryside around us forms part of the South Downs National Park. These walks demonstrate why. There are fabulous views and interesting stopping places right on our doorstep.

Key to maps: Red dotted lines indicate public rights of way - please keep to paths.

Windmill Hill & Old Blendworth: 1.5 mile short walk; 3 miles including Blendworth

Be sure to take this walk on a day with good visibility. This walk starts the far side of the A3, opposite Snell’s Corner and Hilltop Garage. In normal times the A3 traffic is dreadful so you would have to drive to get to the start point.

Walking along New Barn Farm Lane, take the first footpath you meet and walk all the way uphill to reach the Windmill. This is a delightful viewpoint, and you will find that the walk up through these quiet fields is a dramatic contrast to the urban scene you left behind. Whilst the views back south are simply stunning.

As you turn right and work your way downhill again, it feels as if you’re walking into a picture postcard view. You can see much of the coast and the Isle of Wight in the distance. Take your time and enjoy your descent.

When you reach the road at the bottom of the footpath, you can turn right for home after completing the short walk.

But to discover a more intimate, and less well-known feature, you need to follow the longer walk. So, turn left on the road and continue on past New Barn Farm. Some 30 metres on, take the footpath right and cross the fields following the path until it ends at a small lane. Here, bear left until you meet a junction of lanes. Look along the small wall on your left to find the site of the old Blendworth church. This tiny space is so well tended it almost feels as if it is somebody’s garden. But there is a bench to sit upon and a panel to read which explains the heritage of this quiet place of rest. It is a jewel of delight.

To return to Clanfield retrace your steps to your car or head west to Blendworth’s Victorian church, where just beyond, enter a farmyard to take the adjacent footpath which drops you down into Horndean. Next, walk under the A3 bridge, then I usually go left up towards Catherington Lith and into Down Road along the bottom of the Lith to reach Southdown Road and thus to the centre of Clanfield.


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