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Peel Park litter clear-up

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 22nd May 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Peel Park litter clear-up

Over the past week, reports had filtered through to Clanfield Online that large amounts of litter were to be found in Peel Park, and especially around the skate park.

Clanfield Online volunteers visited the park to assess the situation and were shocked by the amount and spread of litter. Cans, bottles, food packets and containers, disposable BBQs, clothes, and nitrous oxide canisters were strewn in front of and around the skate park. Other areas, such as the carpark and random parts of the football field were also badly hit. The only good news was that the children’s play area appeared fairly clear.

It was obvious that the litter had to be cleared as quickly as possible – it wasn’t safe to leave it. So, local volunteers were out early Thursday morning and collected three large sacks of litter: two sacks were filled with just cans and bottles, many of which had contained alcohol. Sadly, some bottles were found smashed into small pieces close to the skate park. The volunteers were unable to recover the glass – so please take care if you are walking around that area.

We would be grateful if local residents could report further problems – and even more grateful if those who are using Peel Park as a meeting place and then dumping their litter on the grass would stop doing so.

Clanfield Online would like to thank the two young runners who offered to help and applauded the team as they set about their task - cheers ladies!


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