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Peel Park Litter – another load dumped in 24 hours

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 23rd May 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Peel Park Litter – another load dumped in 24 hours

Thursday morning 21st May, local volunteers cleared 3 bin bags of litter from Peel Park following complaints about the state of our local green space.

Friday morning 22nd May, we were sent the following message:

Hi, I have spent 3 hours litter picking in Clanfield today.

The majority of that was in Peel Park by the skatepark. I have managed to get a lot of the glass out too, but there are still bits around the edge so be careful. There was a lot of rubbish up there, but now it should be much tidier for people to enjoy.

Other parts of Clanfield too; including the entrance to Petersgate School and 4 main roads around Clanfield. I have managed to fill 3 large rubble sacks full in 3 hours.

I really don’t want any credit for it or to be named. I think it’s important for people to get out there and do 30 minutes litter picking now and then: just do it because they want to live in a beautiful clean village.

When he was told that Peel Park had been cleared just 24 hours earlier, he couldn’t believe it.

Honestly, the park can’t have been cleared yesterday as there was so much rubbish there, loads in the car park. I did the whole field, skate park, play area and car park and I pulled out loads so I can’t see who it was done yesterday?

Peel Park was cleared of rubbish yesterday – honest!

Wow, I totally believe you, I’m just horrified that was one day’s rubbish. That is beyond belief and makes me feel sick, how sad that in 24 hours that’s was the outcome.

We don’t want Peel Park, or anywhere else, to become a no-go area - let’s keep our village a beautiful place to live. Someone is creating this problem: how are the teenagers and young adults in your family spending their leisure time?


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