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Local face at South Downs Funeral Service

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  • Published: 3rd June 2020
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Local face at South Downs Funeral Service

Our local businesses are doing all they can, in these challenging times, to provide the best service to the community. Most village businesses are owned and staffed by local people who take a pride in their work and do whatever they can for the community.

Here are a few words by a village resident and team member of South Downs Funeral Service in Clanfield.

My name is Jane Farrell and I am a resident of Clanfield, having enjoyed being part of village life for the past 18 years. I am also proud to say that I work for South Downs Funeral Service in Clanfield, which is a job I absolutely love.

My first contact with South Downs was, sadly, due to a family bereavement. I lost my mum in 2018 after having nursed her for some time at home. At that time words could not express the physical and emotional effects of the grief I felt. The thought of knowing what to do next, let alone put something fitting in place to honour her life, was just overwhelming.

I can honestly say that the decision to engage South Downs Funeral Service was, without question, a blessing! The moment Mum was taken into South Downs care, all my concerns diminished. I was treated with such kindness, compassion, understanding and respect, and felt fully guided and supported both before and after the funeral. It was such a comfort knowing it was all going to be ok. I will always remember Mum’s funeral day and the professionalism and pride shown by the Funeral Director. The cortege was breath-taking and as someone commented “performed with military precision”. It is a memory that will forever be with me.

Since joining South Downs Funeral Service I have since completed a Diploma in Bereavement & Grief Counselling. My aim is to offer the same care and compassion, that I received, to all who needs our services. When a funeral cortege begins its final journey, you may witness our funeral director slowly paging from our funeral home. I will be standing outside ready to give a traditional bow, as a mark of respect, to honour your loved one. I am so glad to be able to work in, and for, my local community.

Please know we are here for you should the need arise, even if it’s just for a chat.

South Downs Funeral Homes is located at: 43 Drift Road, Clanfield PO8 0JS

Please telephone 02392 570239 Email :

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