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Diary reveals village litter problem

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 19th June 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Diary reveals village litter problem

Last month a local volunteer started to record his litter picking in Clanfield. Assisted by his wife, they have spent hours every weekend helping to keep our village litter free. They don’t want to be named or receive thanks, but to encourage the community to keep our village a beautiful place to live.

Here is an edited version of his diary.

Friday 22nd May: 3 hours litter picking, and 3 large rubble sacks filled. I picked up a lot of broken glass near the skate park in Peel Park; there are still bits around the edges, so be careful. There was a lot of rubbish, but now it is much tidier for people to enjoy the park.

Sunday 31st May: 5 rubble sacks filled from Green Lane; Windmill View park, play area and field; Peel Park; South Lane Meadow – the meadow was litter free, but the carpark was bad. Peel Park wasn’t as bad today, but the bin is full, and rubbish piled up around it – not enough bins?

Sunday 7th June: Peel Park was bad today with 2 rubble sacks filled. Usually it’s just the skatepark corner but there was a lot of litter spread everywhere. 1.5 sacks from the village.

Saturday 13th June: 1.5 bags from Green Lane; New Road; Chalton Lane and Drift Road. A lot of food packaging from the kids play area in Peel Park, and I mean a lot, all scattered around. Outside the Kassia has a ridiculous amount of cigarette butts, and it takes a long time to pick them all up. Cigarette butts are extremely dangerous in leaking toxins into water courses. So, I was wondering if we could come up with a solution there?

In one month, these volunteers have collected over 14 bags of litter: cans, bottles, packaging, broken glass, and cigarette butts. It is shameful they have to do so - to clean up after others, who have been so disrespectful of our community.


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