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South Downs Funeral Service honouring different cultures

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  • Published: 30th June 2020
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South Downs Funeral Service honouring different cultures

South Downs Funeral Service is a business that welcomes diversity. We also pride ourselves to be respectful and accepting to all the different religions and cultures.

“At a funeral home, it is fundamentally important that we fulfil the family’s wishes in every way possible, respecting and honouring the unique aspects involved in customary grief and mourning”.

Within the last month, South Downs Funeral Service has been privileged to facilitate two diverse styles of services, whilst following Covid 19 government safety guidelines.

African - it was a gentleman’s final wish to be repatriated and buried in his African homeland, and we were able make all the necessary arrangements to honour this request.

However, due to the Coved 19 restrictions, there were no places of worship open, for family and friends to pay their respects to their loved one so our funeral director offered a creative solution. Denmead Funeral Home transformed an outbuilding using white, floor to ceiling, drapes and soft lighting. This space had the perfect ambience and became the ideal venue to hold a ceremony. We arranged for a suitable officiant to conduct the service and, most importantly, the mourners were able to engage in their own familiar customary rituals and say their final goodbyes.

Chinese – with the burning of incense and the chapel rearranged to practice “Feng shui”, our funeral home became a place of ceremonial homage.

Family members took turns to sit with the deceased, a custom known as shou ling. This vigil demonstrates loyalty to the loved one, keeping them company as they are prepared to journey into their spiritual afterlife. Joss paper, made from bamboo or rice, was then burnt as an offering to the soul of the person who had died, so that they can purchase luxuries and necessities for a comfortable afterlife.

Two extraordinary ceremonies marked by honour, religion and customary rituals and respectfully bringing different communities together.

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