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Protecting our Rights of Way

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  • Published: 9th July 2020
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Protecting our Rights of Way

There are thousands of miles of footpaths, bridleways, and byways in Hampshire. During the lockdown, many of us will used rights of way to uncover breathtaking views, hidden valleys, and enchanting woodland. Clanfield Online used local paths to produce a series of walks in April and May Clanfield Walks which have proved very popular.

However, occasionally problems occur on such paths, and it is often the users that first notice them. So, the best and quickest solution is for users to report if they find:

  • Rights of way overgrown or blocked by fallen trees

  • Signposts and waymarks missing or damaged

  • Broken and damaged stiles, fences and gates hindering access to the path

  • Fly-tipping or litter despoiling paths and dangerous to people and animals

  • Paths and tracks may even be blocked by unsympathetic landowners

HCC website states “Public rights of way are paths and tracks over which all members of the public have a right of passage.” If you are not sure if a path is a right of way, then check HCC definitive map:

In Hampshire there is a dedicated team of countryside rangers, supported by volunteers, who look after our rights of way, but they cannot possibly check every mile of path and track in the county: we have to be their eyes and ears and report what we see and hear. Don’t wait for someone else to report a problem – do it yourself today:

Respect and protect the paths, bridleways and byways that give us the freedom to enjoy the countryside.

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