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Village litter diary – the story continues

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 22nd July 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Village litter diary – the story continues

Clanfield Online published a diary in June describing how a local resident, assisted by a few helpers, clear litter from our street and parks in this village. Litter Diary

Your were interested in the previous report - here are the latest set of diary entries.

Saturday 27 June: I wasn’t prepared for how bad it would be in Peel Park. The grass was dotted with rubbish and picnic litter - but the skate park was even worse. I collected 5 bags altogether with 3 from the skate park alone. There were 6 smashed bottles which I did my best to clear up, plus a lot of alcohol related litter. Green Lane and New Road were about average with one bag filled for both roads.

Saturday 4 July: It turns out there is a definite relationship between rain and litter. Only 2 bags today from Green Lane, Chalton Lane, Peel Park, South Road, Drift Road. This list doesn’t include the shops – the skate park still the worst.

Saturday 11 July: 3 hours of litter picking = 3 full bags from Green Lane, Chalton Lane, New Road, Drift Road including the shops, Peel Park not too bad today!

Saturday 18 July: 7 full bags today: Green Lane, Clanfield Community & Sports Centre, children’s park and field; Chalton Lane, Peel Park, New Road. CSCC was good but the field opposite was appalling, and Peel Park was at its usual low standard. There is KFC or McDonald’s rubbish every weekend in the Peel Park car park.

As a community we need to do better; we need to educate our children and families on the impact on littering to wildlife, farming and our village: I had a few positive conversations with locals about the problem of litter and urging people to go out and do their bit even if it’s for just 15 minutes.

These local volunteers collected 18 bags of litter in Clanfield in 4 weeks. Please do your bit to keep our village clean and tidy as the school holidays begin – take your litter home.


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