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Litter - old and new

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 17th September 2020
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Litter - old and new

Have you noticed a new addition to the litter on our roads and paths? Masks, plastic gloves, and wipes have joined cans, food packaging and cigarette butts discarded daily. Covid 19 is dangerous enough without having to clear up discarded personal protective equipment.

Of course, the usual suspects in the litter list continues to appear in our village. Driving along Chalton Lane towards the A3 yesterday, I noticed a bag of cans, discarded on this fast stretch of road. Someone had carefully filled and tied the bag before throwing it from a car window. This antisocial action makes the road dangerous for users and those who try to keep our village clear of litter.

Fly tipping is littering at another level and it is illegal. Please report as soon as you can:

You can report here:- or you too can report  directly via “MyEHDC”

Ever cloud has a silver lining: Clanfield and Horndean litter pickers are hoping to restart operations in October and many villagers have, without any fuss, kept their local pathways clear over the past few months. Well done to our unsung heroes!


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