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Windmill Path dispute update

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 24th January 2021
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The dispute over the public footpath at the top of Windmill Hill, overlooking Clanfield, Chalton and Blendworth, has escalated once again.

It has been reported (Saturday 23 January) that a wooden fence had been erected across the path, sadly providing another obstacle for users of this well-used byway. This new fence with a ‘no admittance’ sign, is located beside the Windmill property gateway. The metal gate which has been in place for the past few months, at the entrance to the fields nearby, remains locked. 

We have also been informed of a possible incident of harassment at this location which has been reported to the police. A local resident reports that his young son became distressed by the behaviour of an individual beside the windmill.   

The blocked pathway has also been reported to HCC Countryside Service Right of Way who are dealing with this dispute.

We will do our best to bring you any further updates.  In the meantime, stay safe and report any concerns to Hampshire Police and HCC Rights of Way. 


Report from a local walker around noon on 24th January. "The windmill householder came out of his house and threatened us with prosecution for trespassing on his land. We remained polite but I found him intimidating, shaking his fist at us. We explained we were on the public footpath but he wouldn't listen.

He has partially dismantled his garden fence and laid it on the path plus there is a new fence and other wooden barriers now in place. It wasn't easy to use the path and I saw other groups of walkers who turned back rather than be confronted by him and his barriers. I have reported the incident to HCC"

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Windmill Path dispute update

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