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Clanfield Challenge- 2021 Race Postponed

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  • Published: 16th February 2021
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Clanfield Challenge- 2021 Race Postponed

2021 Race Postponed

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The Clanfield Challenge 2022


"Sad times people... Sad times..."

No doubt, the status of the Clanfield Challenge 2020 (2021) is of little importance to many of you right now, but as we get closer to May, we wanted to get in touch to provide you all with a sad update.

We've been doing a lot of soul searching over the past few months and whilst there are soooo many great reasons why we could plough on ahead this year, we regret to announce that the risks simply outweigh them - So once more, with a heavy heart we regret to say that The Clanfield Challenge 2020 (now 2021) will be postponed until 15th May 2022 (TBC) #sigh

The only event we could safely run, would be a fragment of its former self - A running event it may have been, but one which would still have put our community, our volunteers, our suppliers and of course, YOU, at risk. 


No running with your mates
taking part in waves of five or ten,

No live music, entertainment, stalls
Or celebratory drinks with Ken, 

No hugs and group photos
Or ending hand in hand with your pals,

Volunteers with masks, gloved up
Passing medals adorned with our decals,

No this isn't the Challenge
We can do better than this,
We'll be back next year
Trails, Beers, Pies, Sun, Friends, Family... will be bliss,

We just ask for your patience
You know it will be worth it,
Keep smiling and training
And never, never ever.... quit.


We apologise for the ongoing frustration, the annoying ditty (above) and the nuisance that this causes but we would ask that you all please stick with us - remember, there are so many great reasons why everyone keeps coming back.

As volunteers with the same time consuming commitments you have, this is an incredibly difficult event to organise, so we hope you will all understand and accept a deferral to 2022. 

There may be some administrative challenges to come next year where kids ages, your own training or indeed health alters abilities to take part in certain races, but we would ask you to be patient and reach out to us in early 2022 if you have any concerns.

We'll be in touch via email, social and on the website with more information soon so please, please stay in touch - More importantly though, take care of yourselves.

The Clanfield Challenge Volunteers
Ken, Pete, Brian, John, Sarah and Pete



#sniffsniff #whimper

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