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Windmill path dispute – latest update

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 28th February 2021
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Windmill path dispute – latest update

The dispute regarding access along the public footpath at the top of Windmill Hill continues to be a problem for walkers. Following  information of additional obstacles placed on this popular right of way, a local path warden visited the site on Sunday 28th February to assess the situation and report back to Hampshire Countryside Service.

Path obstacles

The volunteer warden found a large wooden fence panel, concrete blocks and wooden beams placed behind the metal gate that was erected last year. Further on fence panels that, in January, were stacked across the path are now spread out along this route. The new fencing plus wooden pallets and beams which partially block the other end of the path, beside the entrance to the property, remains in place. Signage stating “private property” are still on display at several places.

Path still open

However, there is a narrow gap between the hedge and the new gateway - it is not ideal as it is less than a metre in width, but the path is still accessible with care. The track beside this property is also accessible, although walking around the fence panels and wooden barriers requires attention. Several walkers were using the footpath this morning to enjoy a countryside walk in the sunshine. HCC yellow arrow footpath signs are still on display on gate and fenceposts directing walkers to use the correct route.

We understand that Hampshire Rights of Way have commenced legal proceeding to reopen the path to full public access. If you find any changes or problems to this or any other public right of way please report it  - if possible with photographs.

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Windmill path dispute – latest update

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