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Clanfield tree cutting scam – be aware!

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  • Published: 7th April 2021
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Clanfield tree cutting scam – be aware!

Clanfield Online has received a disturbing report of a tree cutting scam in Clanfield.

Three men, driving an unmarked white van, targeted an elderly village resident in their own home. Cold calling, they claimed that “a neighbour had complained about a dangerous tree in the back garden.” The men offered to cut the tree down for £700. They also offered to take a bank card to the cashpoint to withdraw money. The men, all white British, in their 30’s and 40’s, were confident conmen.

The homeowner, confused by the ‘dangerous tree story’ led them into the back garden, where two of the men immediately started to cut through branches of a perfectly healthy conifer with a chainsaw. Seeing the destruction, the homeowner shouted loudly and the conmen, fearing the arrival of witnesses, made their getaway emptyhanded – no money changed hands.

Neighbours rallied round, making the tree safe, cutting out overhanging branches and tidying the garden: arrangements have been made to remove the mound of cuttings. The householder was shaken, but unhurt, and will be more cautious in future. This incident has been reported to the police.

Please check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours – don’t let the scammers win.











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