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Clanfield Co-op part in recycling trial

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  • Published: 13th October 2021
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Clanfield Co-op part in recycling trial

Soft plastics, including cling film, biscuit wrappers and carrier bags, can now be recycled in nearly 30 new co-operative convenience store locations in the south of England – including the Clanfield Store in White Dirt Lane. .

It is hoped that the trial of soft plastics recycling bins will enable customers to safely recycle materials that can't be recycled at home.

The independent, regional co-operative has initially chosen 29 stores to trial the bins and, if successful, it is hoped they could be rolled out to even more of its convenience stores across the south of England.

Simon Eastwood, Chief Operating Officer for Retail at Southern Co-op, said: "A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to reduce unnecessary packaging, and to switch to recyclable materials wherever possible.

"This is the next step as it will mean all Co-op own brand packaging will be easier to recycle in store or via council kerbside collection.

"We would urge all our customers and members to make use of these new recycling points. Simply give it a quick clean, scrunch it up to test if it is soft plastic, and pop it into store. It doesn't even have to have been bought in store to be recycled with us."

The recyclable material will be reduced to plastic granules and transformed into bin liners and construction industry materials.

Gemma Lacey, Director of Sustainability and Communications at Southern Co-op, said: "We are facing an environmental crisis so we are committed to taking urgent action and working towards a waste free future.”

To view Southern Co-op's long term strategy including its commitment to climate change and responsible business,


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Clanfield Co-op part in recycling trial

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