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Clanfield Working Group Whitelands Copse tree planting

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  • Published: 20th December 2021
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Clanfield Working Group - Whitelands Copse tree planting

Residents of Clanfield celebrated the start of National Tree Week last month by gathering at Whiteland Way to start the planting of more than 150 trees. These will form what will be known as “Whiteland Copse”. 

The trees have been carefully chosen and were planted in a way that replicates natural growth conditions and the natural selection process. 

Cllr. Laurent Coffre, Chairman of the Parish Council’s Community Working Group, praised the volunteers: 

“I am truly grateful to everyone who has worked hard to bring this project to fruition and all the residents, including young people, who braved the bitterly cold weather to help us on the day. Planting trees will help the village do its bit to mitigate the worst effects of Climate Change, but it goes further than that: by planting native species and mimicking natural seeding, we promote the protection of local biodiversity, encouraging insects, birds and small mammals to thrive. This all contributes to increase natural resilience and maintain our ecosystems.”

The Community Working Group will continue to seek further tree planting sites on Parish Council land whilst also progressing other initiatives, such as establishing wildflower meadows and a village Green Audit which will be announced in January. 

Meetings of the Community Working Group are open to the public and residents are welcome to attend its discussions to learn more about what’s being planned. The next meeting of the Group is Monday 17th January 2022. 

Clanfield Parish Council Chairman, Cllr John Bannell, who was at the Whiteland Copse site to welcome the volunteers on Saturday, said:

“It was really good to see this project get underway with so many people taking part. I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support and the local residents who kindly provided hot drinks which were certainly very welcome on such a bitterly cold day!

“There will be some more trees to be planted at Whiteland Copse in the next week or two when they arrive from our suppliers.”


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Clanfield Working Group Whitelands Copse tree planting

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