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Littering our countryside

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 9th March 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Littering our countryside

The beautiful South Downs, famous for its rolling hills and amazing views, is not immune to the blight of flytipping. On the road between the Sustainability Centre and Old Winchester Hill, a local resident found a skip load of children’s toys, a car seat, tennis rackets, a Sony TV and general household waste just dumped, waiting for the local council to clear up. This is another flytipping job that will be added to our council tax in the future.

Clanfield Online has received a number of comments, during the lockdown, of an increase in litter in our villages and the surrounding countryside.  Bottles, cans and food waste thrown on paths and in hedgerows, fields and woods. The number of discarded masks, gloves and wipes have simply gone off the scale – they can’t all have been dropped by mistake?  And will someone explain why a dog owner will pick up the ‘poo’ and then throw the bag into the nearest hedgerow?

There are good news stories as well. A local couple spent their Sunday morning, last week, clearing 15 bags of litter from Chalton Lane. Other local people are also taking matters into their own (gloved) hands and clearing litter whilst taking regular walks. They would rather not have to do this but we can’t let the litter louts win and turn our village and countryside into a rubbish dump. We hear that the Horndean & Clanfield Litter Pick Group are hoping to restart their monthly meetings in April – watch this space for more info!

So, if you know of anyone who recently had a clear-out of a TV, children’s toys, a car seat etc you can tell them where their rubbish ended up. The flytipping has been reported on Clear Waste.



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