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Wildlife loves a messy garden

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 20th March 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Wildlife loves a messy garden

Spring is around the corner and the urge to tidy up every border, nook and cranny in your garden is almost overwhelming.  A few days of dry weather, despite the chilly temperatures, is tempting gardeners to venture out and clear the debris of the winter season, ready for spring planting – but is this the right course for a wildlife friendly garden?

I love my garden but I also want to protect the birds, bugs and beasties that make their home here. The advice from local groups, such as Clanfield Gardening Club CGC and Clanfield Allotment Association CAA, is to leave garden tidying until temperatures are consistently above 10C. This year’s pollinators could be overwintering in those ‘messy’ stalks, whilst the leaf litter gives shelter and nourishment to so much wildlife above and below the soil. Let the air and the soil warm up a bit before you undertake ‘spring-cleaning’.

Creating ‘messy patches’ in your garden this year will offer a home to wildlife and give you many hours of pleasure. Don’t be too tidy, let the grass grow, buy insect-friendly plants, build a bug ‘hotel’ and a pond are some of the ideas that will make your garden a perfect patch for wildlife.  Clanfield Gardening Club Facebook page offers useful tips so follow them and enjoy your garden this year.


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