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No Mow May – let the flowers grow

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 4th May 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

No Mow May – let the flowers grow

Gardeners are being asked to support Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ campaign and leave their mowers in the shed, to provide a feast of wild flowers for hungry pollinators. Clanfield Gardening Club supports the Plantlife campaign to help boost the number of bees, butterflies and other insects in our gardens and grassy areas around the village. Clanfield Gardening Club

If you can’t manage to leave the whole lawn uncut, then aim for a few several wild areas – you will be amazed by the number of different plants that are waiting for the opportunity to grow and flower, bringing colour to your garden and vital food for pollinators. The plants will also attract birds and other animals and make your garden alive with wildlife.

And at the end of May, Plantlife is inviting everyone to join in with a nationwide “Every Flower Counts” survey to discover how many bees the UK’s lawns can feed.

#NoMowMay is everyone doing their bit to help – by doing as little as possible in the garden – get involved this month!



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