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Farewell to Budgens’ volunteers

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 22nd May 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Farewell to Budgens’ volunteers

“Thank you for keeping us safe” whispered a local resident as the Budgens’ volunteers said a final farewell last weekend. Judy, Paul, Jane and Julia have been ‘on duty’ at the shop door for the past 14 months, helping to keep customers and shop staff safe. Now, with the easing of lockdown, they have stepped back from their door monitor role.

Our community, like so many others across the nation, have appreciated the unstinting help offered by local volunteers over the past year. Whether it has been shopping for those shielding at home; neighbours checking on the vulnerable and lonely; or, like the Budgens’ volunteers, ensuring that we all had a safe shopping space. Judy, Paul, Jane and Julia are the last of a large band of volunteers who spent hours standing outside the store, in all weathers, but always with a reassuring smile.

And it wasn’t just about reminding us to wear a mask as Judy explained “Our number one priority was to support the shop and the staff, but it has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know some of Budgens’ regular customers. Having a chat and offering a listening ear, particularly to those customers who live on their own, became an important part of the job. I hope spending a few minutes having a chat with a door monitor before heading back home, made a positive difference.”

We thank all volunteers who have made the past year a bit more bearable and shown that we can rise to a challenge, making a difference to the lives of others. Farewell and our thanks to the Budgens’ volunteers – if they are needed again, they will be ready.


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