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60th business joins Clanfield Online

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 8th July 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

60th business joins Clanfield Online

Clanfield Online is delighted to announce that 60 local businesses are now members of our community website. This is yet another milestone for the not-for-profit website, managed by volunteers, for the benefit of the community. Business owners fund the website through a modest annual subscription; any remaining reserves are donated to local projects and community organisations.

Over the past 7 years Clanfield Online has lit up the village with colourful Christmas trees; planted flowers and trees; supported and sponsored local clubs, schools and events. We do it because we want to build a stronger community and enhance village life. We know you want us to keep funding these projects, because you have told us many times!

All we ask of you is that you spend some of your income locally. Support the local shops and businesses: the majority of our business owners and workers live locally, they are your friends and neighbours. So please consider using their services before you look further afield. Not sure who is a member of Clanfield Online? Check out our business directory:

Clanfield Online will stick with the winning formula. We will continue to promote and celebrate local businesses and community groups. There will be Christmas trees again this December, more planting schemes, sponsorship of sports clubs and support for local organisations.

Use local businesses and support your community.



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