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Vicar and Veteran – The Importance of Remembrance to Me

  • Author: The Reverend Richard Hutchins
  • Published: 9th November 2021
  • Categories: Blog, Business, Clanfield

Vicar and Veteran – The Importance of Remembrance to Me - The Reverend Richard Hutchins

Last November was, for me, one of those moments when the impact of coronavirus was particularly felt. As a Royal Navy veteran, Remembrance is hugely important to me – and it was hard as it became a private affair for individuals last year following guidance from the Royal British Legion.

So, I look forward to sharing space to remember with this community at our Remembrance Sunday Service at Clanfield Memorial Hall on 14th November this year. The parades are important – the visible and proud expressions of our appreciation for those who have given the ultimate in two World Wars, and in many conflict situations since; giving themselves in the most complete way for friends and comrades, yes, but also for so many who were complete strangers.

But alongside the parades, I believe it is important to make space for reflection – I read recently that we don’t learn from experience but learn by reflecting on experience (John Dewey). Making time to reflect together on the costliness of sacrifice, of conflict and war, and to give a bit of our time to reflect on the individuals who died, and the sacrifices made by those who said goodbye to loved ones heading for war – this is surely the essence of the Remembrance Service, through which we might discern new ways of peace to live in.

I will be proud to wear my medals, my submariner dolphins, my veterans badge with my “Vicar Rig” on Remembrance Sunday – I will be remembering people I knew who died in service as well as the enormous World War sacrifices. It will be my privilege to spend time in reflection and remembrance with many in our community at Clanfield Memorial Hall.


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