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Food to get a second lease of life in Hampshire

  • Author: Clanfield Co-op
  • Published: 3rd August 2022
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Food to get a second lease of life in Hampshire

Clanfield’s Co-op store will be taking part in a rollout of initiatives designed to save food that has gone past its best before date. Southern Co-op, which has 79 retail stores in Hampshire, is currently rolling out the new food pathway across all of its stores - starting with products with use-by dates, before targeting food past its best before date.

The first stage, which launched in Hampshire late in July, is Too Good To Go Magic Bags. Too Good To Go is the world's largest surplus food app that lets users rescue surprise ‘Magic Bags' of delicious, unsold food from shops and restaurants so it doesn't go to waste.Via the free-to-download app, customerscan buysurplus food and drink products from local Southern Co-op siteswhich are near to their expiry date.

Gemma Lacey, Southern Co-op's Director for Sustainability and Communications, said: "All of these programmes involve a different method of improving food sustainability. By combining them together and making sure they are right for each store, we hope we can prevent food from going off to be recycled and get more into the hands of customers and good causes.

"It will benefit our customers, helping those who are finding budgets tight as well as dozens of charities who can make use of goods past their best before date - which is a date that relates to quality, not the safety of the product."

All store waste is currently diverted from landfill and any unsold food sent off for anaerobic digestion, with food broken down to produce biogas and bio-fertiliser.

Simon Eastwood, Southern Co-op's Chief Operating Officer for Retail, said: "The initiatives relating to best before dates will be rolled out over the summer and will see every store either donating food and drink to local good causes or having products reduced to 20p.

"As we are mainly convenience stores, it hasn't been easy for charities to collect food from our stores in the past. However, thanks to our partner Neighbourly, charities and local community groups can now find out what products our stores can donate before they leave their base, which makes a big difference and will help to make it a success."

For more information on Too Good To Go visit

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Food to get a second lease of life in Hampshire

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