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Clanfield Tree Gang at work!

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  • Published: 11th August 2022
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Clanfield Tree Gang at work!

Clanfield volunteers braved the sweltering heat last Saturday evening, o water 150 young trees in Whiteland Copse. The ‘Tree Gang’ armed with watering cans, checked every sapling and gave each one a good soaking, to allow them the best chance of survival during the drought. Some of this hardy gang are on holiday in August but they will be back to take their turn, lugging heavy watering cans up and down the hillside, keeping the trees alive.

This band of local volunteers have watered and cut the grass regularly, around the trees since the spring, and they will continue to look after this copse of saplings until they’re large enough to flourish. The copse was planted last November with a mixture of native species including yew, sallow, field maple, lime, wild cherry, blackthorn, guelder rose, oak and beech.

Local residents asked why the copse looked so ‘messy’ with long grass and weeds growing between the trees. The answer is that ‘nature isn’t neat’. The fenced area has been a haven for wildlife all summer, with wild flowers for insects to enjoy and long grass to hide small mammals. The grass will be cut and raked off in the autumn, which will encourage an even better display next year.

So, if you are walking by Whiteland Copse and see ‘the Tree Gang’ filling their watering cans, give them a wave and a word of thanks. They are helping tiny saplings to grow into a magnificent copse of trees, which will be part of Clanfield’s contribution to offset the effects of climate change.

If you would like to volunteer to assist the CWG please contact us via Clanfield Parish Council.

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