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  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 5th September 2016
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Last month the extraordinary medal winning success of Team GB at the Olympics thrilled the nation.  There were many of us suffering from lack of sleep in that exhausting fortnight as we tuned in at bedtime and beyond to cheer on our brave and determined athletes.  And from Wednesday 7 September we must (and will!) do it all over again to celebrate and applaud the Paralympians as they compete in Rio.

Team GB are an inspiration to us all, no matter our age, sex, physical ability or size of waistline.  When the athletes are interviewed they speak about how tough their training can be and the struggle to achieve their best at all times.  They are single-minded individuals who despite every difficulty or disability are determined to succeed whatever the challenge before them. When Mo Farah was asked why he was so successful on the track he answered Training. You just have to put in the training.” This should be an inspiration to us all.  We might not ever get anywhere near Olympic standard, but by making the effort to be fitter and healthier despite any difficulty, we will follow in Team GB’s footsteps.

Clanfield Joggers are offering us the chance to take part in a Couch to 5K Running Course in 9 Weeks. As the name suggests they are expecting beginners to sign up so they are ready to guide and support you every step of the way until you realise your potential and look forward to the next challenge. From the comfort of your couch to enjoying a run in our beautiful South Downs Countryside, you can make this running course your own personal Olympics.

We are all Team GB – let’s pull on some trainers and celebrate our Olympians with a run. 

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