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Volunteering in your community – make a difference

  • Author: Russell Cleaver
  • Published: 29th September 2016
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If you want to make a real difference in your life and that of your local community, then volunteering is the path you should consider.  Young or young at heart, student, working or retired there are all sorts of opportunities of getting involved in your local community that not only provide much needed public benefit but are also very satisfying to undertake. You offer a small amount of time and in return you learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference!   

It is the enjoyment factor that really makes volunteer groups tick; that and the motivation you get on a task day. Some volunteers may work independently; others will be in groups but invariably all will be welcomed by professional staff. For you are usually helping to reduce their workload or extend their ability to offer more - so you are generally much appreciated.

Volunteering can vary considerately from small local community bodies to huge organisations. For example, at the large end of the scale, the South Downs National Park reaches from Winchester to Eastbourne, and is particularly geared to utilising volunteers. They have a very well structured body of volunteer rangers with the Western Area (Hampshire) base located at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Volunteers usually work outdoors undertaking practical work and wildlife surveys, but admin and office based work is also available.  It was the SDNP Volunteers, working with the community that build a flowerbed on the Drift Road Roundabout and restored the riverbed at East Mon.

There are also volunteering opportunities at a smaller group level.  Locally, the ‘Clean up in Clanfield’ group of litter pickers are keen to hear from anyone who wants to join them on Sunday 2 October as they undertake their monthly clean for the community – taking pride in the village.

Volunteers are also needed for the Poppy Appeal in Clanfield this year.  Just offer a few hours of your time to raise money for our armed forces, past and present, and their families.

And the latest news is that Clanfield Parish Council is looking for a new Councillor to join their ranks.  This is your chance to join the grass roots of local government – a challenging and rewarding task.

So make a difference – volunteer in your community!

flower bed


river bed

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