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Clanfield - We Can Do It !

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 29th November 2016
  • Categories: Clanfield, Business, Community, Blog

Clanfield - We Can Do It !

Two stories emerged over the weekend and just in case you missed them here is a roundup.

Firstly, there was strong reaction on social media when a Morrison’s video van made a brief appearance in Clanfield on Saturday.  

On that morning, a Morrison’s van with a large video screen fixed to the side of the vehicle was promoting the supermarket’s products, right outside our local shops in Drift Road. Both shopkeepers and several customers felt this was far too intrusive so politely asked the driver to move. He did so but only by a few parking bays. He did leave eventually and it was suggested that the ASDA carpark in Waterlooville would be a good spot to try?   

Our second story focuses on the “We Can Do It “campaign run by the Portsmouth Evening News.  For the first time Clanfield Online was nominated for an award, in the Care of the Environment section, and would you believe it, we won the runner-up prize!  I attended the ceremony and no one was more surprised than me to be asked to receive a glass trophy on behalf of the website. What had we done to deserve such an award?  Well, back in 2015 we constructed and planted up a ‘bee friendly’ flowerbed beside the Drift Road roundabout - along with the help of local volunteers. We used the funds provided by our local shops and businesses to create the flowerbed on the verge owned by the Southern Cooperative.

In the future Clanfield Online intends to further improve this flowerbed and the local environment, again using funds from our local business members. Watch out for the heritage fingerpost signs being newly repainted in the village. But our main drive is to encourage the District Council to re-landscape the entire frontage of the shops along Drift Road and incorporate trees, shrubs and flowering plants to enhance the centre of our expanding village.


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