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Butser Neolithic House

  • Author: Russell Cleaver
  • Published: 10th August 2014
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In late July the call went out from Butser Ancient Farm for South Downs Volunteers to help recreate the frame of a 'Neolithic' house at the Farm site.

Butser Neolithic House

This was a rather unusual task for the band of volunteers: were we meant to dress in period garb? And use ancient techniques?

Well not entirely, for the Ancient Britons didn't have to worry about modern health & safety rules for a start.
Hence you'll see in the photos our use of scaffold towers and ladders.  And we also wore jeans and shirts, not furs.

But it nevertheless proved a fascinating task to erect a number of saplings and tie them together in a traditional way - that will allow Butser Ancient Farm to set up courses in the ancient skills of wattle & daub that future groups of children and adults will be able to practice.

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Butser Neolithic House

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