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  • Author: Paul Lee-Bapty
  • Published: 20th November 2014
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The funeral business has traditionally been one that has been dominated by men as opposed to ladies. In modern times, this has changed with ladies taking a more prominent role in all aspects of the funeral home.

South Downs Funeral Service, your local family owned funeral home is delighted to have Ms Dee Galloway as their lady funeral director.

The Managing Director of South Downs Funeral Service, Mr Paul Lee-Bapty Dip FD explains,

‘The role of the funeral director has many facets including master of ceremonies, administrator, counsellor, manager and confidante, all of which can suit a lady funeral director perfectly.

Additionally, many people warm to a lady as opposed to a gentleman and with this in mind, we are pleased that Dee has become an integral part of South Downs Funeral Service.

Dee has a background that is well suited to the role and we are pleased to offer her as an alternative to the traditional gentleman to the families we support.

As a funeral home, it is fundamentally important that we fulfil our family’s wishes in every way possible, and so by having Dee as well as myself, we are able to enhance the care and support we provide.

Many of us would agree, that in certain circumstances a lady can offer more compassion than a gentleman. It is therefore important that we offer the choice to our families and let them decide.

At South Downs Funeral Service, we always ensure that the person you first see or talk to will be the person who takes care of you throughout the arrangements for the funeral service. We call this ‘Continuity Of Care’ and believe it is of paramount importance when taking care of the families we support.'

South Downs Funeral Service is privately and wholly owned by Paul and his family.

For care and support throughout the year, please contact South Downs Funeral Service on 023 92 231567.

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Read about Southdowns Funeral Service

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