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Christmas Countdown

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 1st December 2014
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Clanfield Online starts a series of 24 blogs to get us in the mood for Christmas. Your local shops and businesses are preparing for the festive season in order to give you the finest choice and the best deals.

Local churches and groups are holding Carol Services and Christmas Events to celebrate the season. So, this is your chance to get involved in your village. Log in every day and read our latest blog.

Wednesday 24 December

Clanfield Online wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Clanfield Online is a not-for-profit community website serving the people of Clanfield, Chalton, Catherington, Horndean and surrounding villages. The idea of setting up a website was first put forward in a business meeting arranged by Chris de Mellow in the autumn of 2013.

From a low-key start in March 2014 we have grown in membership and outreach achieving excellent response to the website and our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The website is funded by small local business members of the website and run by volunteers who give their time willingly. We keep our costs to a minimum to be as inclusive as possible. Our aim is to promote local businesses to the residents of the area, to ensure that Clanfield continues to thrive.

We offer free space on the website for community organisations such as schools, churches, sports and local interest clubs. We will advertise your events and news for free in order that you may grow and prosper.

Are you a local business who wants to reach a wider audience? Are you a community group who wants to be able to advertise for members or has an event or a news story you want to communicate?

Then join us on Clanfield Online.

Tuesday 23 December

Today you are going to need a list and tick everything off as you buy it.
Remember shopping locally means less stress and more time to enjoy the start of Christmas.

  • Collect the turkey, Christmas meats and cheeses from Reeve Butchers. They make the best sausages for miles around so buy extra this year for the unexpected guests. Don’t forget the stuffing!
  • Buy your all fruit, vegetables and flowers from Clanfield Greengrocers & Florists. Don’t forget to pick up the fresh cranberries and chestnuts. Think about salad for Boxing Day and remember to include avocados. Be a devil and treat yourself to a large bunch of grapes or those packs of luscious dates – yummy!
  • Costcutter has to be the next place to visit. You will need fresh cream, extra butter and lots of kitchen foil for that turkey. Have you got enough chocolates? Absolutely sure - better buy more. Tins of biscuits can be a great present if the unexpected guest turns up. And how about taking advantage of the wine and beer offers? Too good to pass by.
  • Visit Clanfield Trade Centre and stock up on candles for the festive table. Charlie can also supply you with wood and kindling for a cosy fire this Christmas.

You have just about bought everything you need but there is still tomorrow to rush out to the local shops for those last minute bits. They will be there but don’t leave it too late or you will have missed your chance!

Monday 22 December

Seasonal savings in shopping locally

We are now counting hours to Christmas rather than the days. Where to get the last minute bit of shopping and how about the gifts you have forgotten to buy?

Don’t Panic! All will be well if you shop locally.

Start at Costcutter by stocking up on wine and savouries for your hungry guests. They are doing a great deal on Hardy’s Bin selection wine at only £3.99 a bottle – red, white and rose. Then grab several large packs of Doritos at only £1.00 each. These are silly prices that you can’t afford to miss.

Next stop must be to Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist. Nigel has got pretty planted baskets and at only £4.99 they will be a great gift. Hurry though as they are going fast! Ladies - has the man in your life forgotten to buy you a bunch of flowers this Christmas? Cut out the middle man and buy them yourself – you can get the money back later!

If you want to win back your sweetheart’s love then buy a beauty product. We have two great Salons in Clanfield stocked with great gift ideas. So visit The Salon in Green Lane or Evolve in Drift Road and the staff will be happy to advise you. Book yourself a haircut for 2015 while you are there.

Men are so difficult to buy for so you had better pop into Clanfield Trade Centre. Charlie has a vast stock of gadgets and tools that will make the perfect stocking filler. Don’t forget to stock up on batteries while you are there.

Finally, how about a foodie present? Reeve Butchers have a brilliant variety of cheeses that will make a cheeseboard gift to please anyone with a savoury tooth.

Find these businesses at

Sunday 21 December

Serenity Digital

Clanfield is full of surprises. You could search all over the country for the right skills, expertise and products and then discover it here in your backyard. We have many different types of businesses in this area run by exceptional, gifted and industrious local people.

Did you realise we had a talented web designer living in Clanfield?
Peter Garrett of Serenity Digital, with his business partner Stuart Mullen, are making a name for themselves working for a variety of clients from small and medium firms to large corporate websites. Their offices, which are located in Havant, are the base for a thriving company.

Clanfield Online, our community website, is a reality because of Peter’s vision, technical expertise and great design skills. He spent time with us discussing our needs and wish list and then made the dream come true.

Does your business need to improve online marketing and communications? Serenity Digital specialises in bespoke web design and website development services. Contact them for a friendly chat about your website hopes for 2015.

 Saturday 20 December

The excitement is growing as we draw nearer to 25 December. The children have broken up from school and friends and family are finalising plans for the holiday. As you visit the local shops and businesses you will see the decorations and lights in the windows. Everyone is making an effort to be part of the joy that is Christmas.

Our local business people work particularly hard for us at this time of year. They have their own plans and preparations with their families and friends yet they continue to provide exceptional service, sound advice, a wide choice and great prices for all their customers.

They are the centre of our community and they deserve our support – not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Local businesses are the foundation for prosperous and happy local communities.

Two of our local businesses wish to send their Festive Greetings this Christmas.

Chris de Mellow and the team at de Mellow & Co Wealth Management wish all local residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lorna Smith – Healthcare Partner for Western Provident Association (WPA) sends Christmas Greetings and her Best Wishes for a Happy 2015!

Friday 19 December

Mela Restaurant

A visit to the Mela Restaurant this Christmas will be a special occasion. This is your chance to leave traditional festive food behind and savour the spices and aromatic flavours that is the trademark of this popular Clanfield eating place.

The menu is full of mouth-watering choices and if cannot make a decision then the friendly staff will guide you in your choices. The fully licensed restaurant is spacious yet cosy with comfortable seating and traditional Indian music in the background.

If you don’t fancy going out then why not organise a Mela Take-Away Night for your family and friends this Christmas? You will be spoilt for choice with the menu and it will make any gathering a successful evening.
Put the spice back into your life this Christmas! The Mela is waiting for your call.

Thursday 18 December


CrystalChem is a local company serving local businesses with all their cleaning, catering and janitorial requirements. Geoff Rehr provides a high quality, well priced and reliable service to his customers who appreciate his friendly customer service.
Using his ‘mobile shop’ Geoff is able to give his customers peace of mind by taking away the problems of pre-ordering. He also has a very popular range of environmentally friendly cleaning products as well as a range of recycled and unbleached paper products. Think Green this Christmas.

CrystalChem wishes all his customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Not a customer yet? Make a 2015 resolution to give CrystalChem a call.

Wednesday 17 December

Evolve Hair and Beauty Salon

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?

If the answer is “not you” then a call to Evolve Hair and Beauty Salon will solve all your problems.

Lisa and her team at Evolve will remodel your hairstyle, treat those poor chipped nails and transform your tired skin to a glowing shine. They have the skill, knowledge and products to make you look simply stunning this Christmas.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – Evolve will make sure you go to the ball......

Check out the article about Evolve here.

Tuesday 16 December

Leydene Glass & Glazing

Christmas is coming closer and then we will be speeding towards the New Year.

What are your plans for 2015? I know that a call to Leydene Glass & Glazing should be top of the list. Just one call can sort out your old, damaged and past-it doors, windows and glass interiors.

You can transform the look of your home with customised glass table tops, shower screens and in the kitchen treat yourself to coloured glass splash-backs. It will be stunning and easy to clean.

They have a 10% off special offer on all Splash Back orders placed before 31 January 2015 so don’t delay - call Leydene Glass & Glazing today!

Leydene Glass & Glazing wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday 15 December

Today we are featuring two local professional businesses that will be able to give you the best advice and care in the area. 

South Coast Opticians

There will be a lot of glasses raised this Christmas but we hope it isn’t your spectacles!  
When did you last have an eye test?  How long have you had your glasses and do they meet your needs?

If the answers to these questions give a negative reply then you ought to do something about it.

Contact the South Coast Opticians and arrange an appointment today.   They have over 30 years experience in the business and will manufacture the best product for your visual needs at the best price.  They are a friendly and professional team who will give you the best advice and guidance.

South Lane Dental

Christmas Photos will be in abundance this year but will your smile let you down?  
If you neglect your teeth your health could suffer as well as your self confidence.  Now is the time to take action and award yourself an early Christmas present. 

Contact South Lane Dental and arrange an appointment to discuss your dental needs.  They have been in the village for over 20 years and have a thriving practice with many patients willing to travel long distances to continue being cared for by them.

The team at South Lane Dental will be glad to advise you about general and cosmetic dentistry as well as smile makeovers. 

So be confident and make sure those pearly whites are flashing in 2015 for your next photo call!

Sunday 14 December

Today we are featuring two local firms with years of experience in Home Maintenance and Construction.  They will be able to give you the best advice and the keenest prices.


Christmas is the time of year when you are decorating your home inside and out with lights and holly wreaths.  You want everything to look just right for the festive season.  So take a moment to have a really good look at your windows and doors. 

How secure is that front door?  Is the double glazing out of date? When were those windows installed?  Surely not that long ago?

You need to have a chat with the friendly team at Glasstec.  A family run local business that has an excellent reputation over three counties.  They will be able to advise you about the best options in window and door replacement and while you are there chat to them about the rest of the house.  They offer a complete service from ground floor to the loft - your house will be in professional hands. 

So, don’t give Santa a shock when he calls this Christmas.  Contact Glasstec today!

Hampshire & Sussex Contract Cleaning Ltd

Are the Christmas Lights showing up your grubby windows?  Will Santa have to climb past dirty guttering and downpipes? 

There is no need for this.  Help is at hand from Doug and his team at Hampshire & Sussex Contract Cleaning.  Your windows will sparkle and shine if you give them a call. 

They are  a professional team who use the latest equipment to clean windows of any height.  They are reliable, trustworthy and prompt in their service.

They are expecting your call.

Saturday 13 December

South Downs Funeral Service

Christmas is a time we enjoy with our family and friends.  It is the time of food and fun, relaxing in front of the TV and playing silly games and singing carols.  It is also the season to remember and reminisce over times gone by and the loved ones who shared the fun of Christmas past.  Remember them with a smile and raise a glass in their memory.

Losing a loved one at any time in the year is a traumatic event.  You will want to choose a caring and professional team to deal with all the arrangements and help guide you through the worst of times.

South Downs Funeral Service will be your guide.  A local family firm with over 70 years of heritage in the Funeral Business.  Paul and the team at South Downs will care for your loved one and give you and your family the support you need. 

South Downs Funeral Service send their Christmas Greetings to the residents of Clanfield, Horndean, Catherington, Chalton, The Meons and Waterlooville. 

They will be there for you when you need them.

Friday 12 December

Pearsons Estate Agents

Buying, selling, letting or moving house is not without its stressful moments. Even more so at the festive period and I speak from experience. Many years ago, I moved into Clanfield a week before Christmas. I know about stress!

If you are contemplating moving house in 2015 you will want to choose an Estate Agent who will give you the best advice and care in those important next steps.

That is why you should consider Pearsons Estate Agents.

Pearsons in Drift Road are part of one of the oldest firms of independent Estate Agents in Southern England. Established in 1900 they have built up an enviable reputation and their experienced and professional teams are there to help you make the right choices.

Thinking of moving in 2015? Contact Pearsons for a chat.

Thursday 11 December

Farmer Inn

It is just 2 weeks until Christmas!

Fourteen days to go of shopping, decorating the house, writing cards and wrapping presents.
Are you already beginning to feel the pressure? Do you need a night off?

How about relaxing in warm friendly pub, a drink in your hand and a delicious meal cooked for you? You know you deserve it – so why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present?

Head up the hill to The Farmer Inn. Elaine, James and the team will give you a warm welcome in their fabulous pub. Lovers of Real Ale can enjoy a great pint or order from their wide selection of wines and spirits.

The food is something special! Try the homemade beef burgers with triple cooked chips or sample the beer-battered fish and homemade tartare sauce. They have a wide menu to choose from – but don’t wait for me to tell you – pop up there and find out for yourself.

Just 2 weeks to go – don’t panic – go to the pub!

Wednesday 10 December

Butser Ancient Farm

As we head towards the Winter Solstice there are magical events about to occur just over the hill at Butser Ancient Farm.
Fires will be lit to drive away the shadows and a band of story tellers will recount tales of fairy, fable and legend.

Butser Ancient farm is a enchanting place at any time of the year but close to the shortest day it is very special site to visit. Close your eyes and be transported back to a time long, long ago when the local people of the South Downs celebrated the Winter Solstice and Saturnalia.

Tuesday 9 December

Hilltop Garage

Dear Santa

All I want this Christmas is a car that works. No flashing lights on the dashboard or funny noises from the engine. I am going to be rushing around with my shopping in the next two weeks and then visiting friends and relatives afterwards. Every year I check that everything else is in working order but not the car.

Don’t forget your car this Christmas – contact Hilltop Garage today and book in a Service.

Carols in Drift Road this Tuesday 9 December from 6.30pm

Don’t forget to come along and sing your favourite carols at the Drift Road Evangelical Church. A warm welcome awaits you from the friendly congregation. Free refreshments after the service.

Monday 8 December

Clanfield Trade Centre

Charlie at the Clanfield Trade Centre is your next stop in the Christmas Countdown. Stuck for a present for the handy-man is your life? How about buying your lovely lady some new baking equipment? And if the weather forecast is to be believed then a sledge and snow shovel will be a hit this Christmas. So, why spend time and money shopping elsewhere?

All of these useful gifts and more can be found in you local shop.

Sunday 7 December

The Rising Sun in Clanfield is starting the Christmas Celebrations on the right note.

Join the choir of St James Church and your friends at the pub for the first Carols of Christmas Sunday 7 December from 19.00

Apart from the sweet music there will be mulled wine and cider and or course the obligatory mince pies! So, don’t miss out on this great local event that will warm you with good cheer.

Have a look at the list of events happening in The Rising Sun this December. You are spoilt for choice of great music, refreshing drinks, delicious food and that warm friendly welcome every time you visit. Tickets are going fast for the New Year’s Eve Casino event so buy yours today!

The Rising Sun - Your Local Pub at the Heart of your Community.

Saturday December 6

You don’t want domestic disaster to strike this Christmas!

An electrical failure in the middle of your Christmas dinner or the boiler deciding to pack up when you have a house full of guests?   Cooking the turkey on a camping stove or boiling kettles of hot water is not the best idea for Christmas fun.

Why not call your local engineers to book a service now and avoid the nightmare?

Ken of Electrical Service Systems (ESS) 07889 963 059 or Graham of Linkhorn Plumbing and Heating 07751989491 will sort out the problems before they arise.

Friday December 5

There is something about a fresh Christmas Tree that is pure magic - a great way to start the festive season.

Clanfield Greengrocer & Florist in Drift Road has a large stock of freshly cut Nordman Fir – they don’t drop their needles! There are plenty of sizes to choose from and they are very reasonably priced. While you are in the shop pick up a wreath to put on the front door – so you can say you have decorated inside and out!

Shop locally this Christmas - you know it makes sense.

Thursday December 4

Have you ordered your turkey yet? How about the Three Bird Roast, a joint of Scotch Beef or a succulent piece of Hampshire Free Range Pork?

You haven’t?

Don’t worry – there is still time to pop down to Reeve Butchers in Drift Road and order something special for Christmas. They have been serving the people of Clanfield and surrounding districts for 40 years and they know how to keep their customer happy by providing delicious meat.

So, contact them today and make sure you put your order in now!

Wednesday December 3rd

Have you booked your Christmas hair appointment at the Salon?

You will want to look your best this year in the festive selfie! Sophie and her team are very busy at Christmas so give them a ring today on 023 9259 4694.

Tuesday December 2nd

Christmas decorations past their sell-by date? Is the tinsel moulting and fairy lights beyond their twinkling best? Left-over cards and wrapping paper only fit for the recycle bin?

Keep Calm and Carry on down to Costcutter in Drift Road. They have a great stock of decorations, cards and everything to make those presents look perfect under the tree!

Why bother to travel when the best choice is on your doorstep?

Monday December 1st

Support your local Post Office! It is part of our community and we need to hold on to these precious local services.

Lasting Posting Dates for Christmas.
Don’t forget to post your international air mail to Australia, NZ, Far & Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and South America this week.

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Christmas Countdown

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