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Flowers for your Valentine

  • Author: Clanfield Greengrocer and Florist
  • Published: 7th February 2015
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Blokes – why do you leave it to the last minute to pick up those Valentine flowers?

She really can tell the difference between a quality bouquet and a garage forecourt bunch smelling of petrol fumes. You will not be flavour of the month if you forget to order those flowers that show how much you care about the lady in your life.

Where do the best roses come from? The mountains of South America of course!

We have pre-ordered Colombian high altitude grown 'Freedom' red roses. The supplies are limited but the quality of this rose is always superb, so it is worth the extra effort to source this special bloom. The large flower has a rich, deep colour and a good vase life at normal ambient room temperatures. It's not a Tesco rose so don't expect to pay £4.99 - but you will be surprised at the reasonable price and she will be delighted with her special bouquet.

Of course it doesn't need to be a dozen roses. We shall have our usual, colourful array of hand-ties and bouquets that will offer a variety of choice which will always give pleasure.

Please remember this is one of the busiest days in the florist’s calendar!

So contact us today and pre-order as early as possible. We will do our utmost to give you the best blooms for your lovely lady and you will certainly still be able to afford a box of chocolates!

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Flowers for your Valentine

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