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Clanfield Online makes the Post

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 18th February 2015
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This website is grateful to the Clanfield Post & Herald for the warm and welcoming article in this week’s paper.  The Post is a local newspaper that has all the stories you will want to read, so buy your copy today!

Clanfield Online was fully launched in March 2014 with the aim of promoting and celebrating our local businesses and advancing the work of community groups and organisations.

The steering group of this project include Chris de Mellow, Peter Garrett, Geoff Rehr, Nigel Hadwen and Sophie Brenton.  They are all local business people, listed on this website, who give up their spare time to help other businesses and community groups. Their efforts are making a difference in our community.

Clanfield Online has a great deal of support from Clanfield Parish Council.  In addition, we have received grant aid from Ken Moon (HCC) and David Newberry (EHDC), who have also been generous with their time and good advice - vital to our growth and success.  

Where next for Clanfield Online?  Well, we have 26 businesses and 18 community groups signed up, with more enquiries every week and we are talking to local organisations about future projects.  The website and social media statistics have increased beyond our expectations in the last few months so we know that people are taking notice!

Clanfield Online has spread beyond parish boundaries with members in the nearby villages and expect further expansion in the next year.  Log-on to the website and see for yourself.

Are you a local business owner?  We charge a modest annual amount to cover costs, pay for marketing and fund local projects. Join us and be part of a growing website that reaches out and engages with an expanding local population.  Community groups – we will work to help you achieve your goals. It is free for you to join – so contact us soon.

Clanfield Online - a not for profit website working for the community. 

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Clanfield Online makes the Post

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