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Shine and Condition - ready for spring

  • Author: The Salon
  • Published: 5th March 2015
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The promise of warmth is followed by the reality of biting cold winds and freezing rain. If you are going to look your best for Easter then read this blog to ensure your hair is shining and conditioned ready for the warm weather and spring sunshine.

Alice, stylist at The Salon has all the top tips for you.

Read on and get ‘ahead’ of the rest………….

No matter how good your haircut or fashionable your style - if your hair lacks bounce and shine it will look lackluster and dull. With so many products on the market it can be confusing – which of the many options should you choose? Initially you should pinpoint your problem and the result you wish to achieve:

Fine floppy hair: to add bounce and body a volumising shampoo and conditioning treatment used with the correct styling products could transform your hairstyles appearance.

Fuzzy curls: curly hair has a tendency to absorb humidity from the air, often resulting in a fuzzy halo. Opt for a deep moisturising treatment and a styling product to seal in the benefits.

Colour fade: If the cuticle of the hair becomes damaged hair dyes will quickly fade. Protein and restructuring treatments will help build up the surface of the hair strands, giving a stronger structure so your colour will last longer.

Flaky irritated scalp: while medicated products will help, please ensure that they are not too strong, as this can strip hair colour and exacerbate the scalp problem. This problem is best addressed by a professional, either your doctor, a trichologist, but first, take advise from your hairstylist.

Matt dull hair: for hair to look healthy it should be silky with a wonderful shine. Usually a moisturizing treatment will address this problem, but if more help is needed a clear gloss semi-colour can be applied, this will add shine without altering the shade of your hair.

Your stylist at The Salon will always be happy to advise on some of the best treatments to enhance and improve your hairs condition, with any follow up products to use at home.

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Shine and Condition - ready for spring

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Shine and Condition - ready for spring

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