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Mother’s Day – Special gifts are Local gifts

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 9th March 2015
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No work for Mum this weekend

Calculate the number of hours in a year that your Mum works, cooks, cleans and generally keeps all the plates spinning in the air at the same time. Yes, it is an astounding number of hours worked by an outstanding lady.

Don’t let your Mum feel special for just Mother’s Day – make this Mother’s Weekend.

What about meals? Cooking isn’t rocket science if you buy the best ingredients for the job. Reeve Butchers have a superb meat and delicatessen selection to choose from.

Pop into Nigel Hadwen’s for fresh and delicious fruit and veg from all over the world and you can pick up your hand-tied bouquet at the same time. Nigel has the best flowers in the area and his staff work hard to produce the prettiest displays that any lady would be delighted to receive.

Don’t forget to pop into Costcutter for a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. They have some great deals on at the moment so you can buy more for less.

Finally, don’t forget new Mums and those who are expecting the next generation. We must treasure them and their precious little bundles of joy. What could we give them? Well, a special, colourful and individual gift would be a good choice. So, why not give Jill a ring at Nappy Cake Creations? Jill will create a stunning gift for that will surprise and delight. Give Jill a call 02392 799046 and have a chat with her today.

Book a meal out for Mum!

If you haven’t done it already then this is the time to book a meal for you lovely Mum. It is her day so make sure she is the centre of everything you plan this weekend.

We have some really great pubs and restaurants in the area. Bookings may be tight for Sunday but you have the whole weekend that you could take your Mum out.

So why not start with contacting The Rising Sun and see if there is a spare table? This friendly pub is at the heart of the Clanfield Community.

Elaine and her team at The Farmer Inn will always give you a warm welcome. From their fantastic location on the top of the hill you can see for miles and whether you walk or drive up to the pub it will be well worth the journey. Give them a call today.

How about a table or a takeaway from the Mela Restaurant in Drift Road? Your mum will appreciate the delicious and spicy food that the chef produces at this popular eating place. Well worth a visit so contact them today.

Make your Mum smile this weekend and the glow of this weekend will last a long time.

Have you got the world’s best Mum?

She cared for you when you were little; reassured you when times were tough and celebrated every success. She has given you so much and she deserves a special gift on Sunday 15 March. Special gifts are best bought locally!

Costcutter in Green Lane has a great selection of cards and some keen pricing on a variety of delicious Hardy and Isla wines at £4.99 a bottle. Thornton’s Chocolates will be a hit at only £3.00 a box as will the half-price £1.84 Carte D’Or ice cream selection.

So, treat your Mum to a box of goodies this Mother’s Day. She used to treat you when you were small– now it is your turn to give her a special gift.

Mums deserve pampering

Mums are busy, multi-tasking, problem-solving, amazing people. Give them a difficult task and they rise to the challenge – the impossible takes just a little longer! They run a household, operate Mum’s taxi, provide catering services to all and could find your PE kit hidden under the bed in the blink of an eye.

So, that is why you should be reaching for the phone and booking your Mum in for an appointment with one of our two excellent Salons in the village. Mums need a pamper session to recharge their batteries.

Sophie and her team at The Salon will ensure that your Mum has the most stylish hair cut and treatment that will make her feel fabulous. Treat her to a gift bag of conditioners to make her feel special.

Lisa and the team at Evolve Hair and Beauty will give your Mum a facial that will renew her smile and give her that lift she deserves. She can have her hair styled and nails manicured in relaxing and elegant surroundings.

Order the Flowers - Mum’s the Word!

As the weekend draws nearer then this is the time to order your flowers from Nigel.

Nigel and his staff work very hard to ensure that each bouquet is special and original. The hand-tied flowers will look stunning on Sunday morning - order today - so they can do their magic with the colourful blooms that will light up your Mum’s face.

Your Mum had to think ahead throughout the years: she got you to school on time; make sure your homework was done; welcomed your friends into the house with food and hospitality and when the time came prepared you to face the world of work.

Make your gift of flowers a local purchase. You are supporting the local shops that make your village a great place for your family to call home. Your Mum would approve of your choice.

Make that call to Nigel Hadwen to order your flowers! 02392 593 149

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Mother’s Day – Special gifts are Local gifts

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