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Love where you live

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 2nd April 2015
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Last week we wrote about the problem of litter which blights our streets, countryside and community.

If you read the Clanfield Post this week the news is of local people banding together to clean up their community areas. The locals in Denmead will be out with their Spring Clean on Sunday as will the people of Horndean at Dell Piece West.
Clanfield shouldn’t be left behind! This is a great place to live and work so let’s make it even better by identifying problem areas and taking action to clean up our village.

Clanfield Online wants to hear from you about the litter ‘black-spots’ in the area. Suggestions have started to arrive but we could do with more. We will help to organise a clean-up but we need your input.

Parents – please remind your children to take their litter home.

Children – it is not OK for your parents to drop litter! Tell them off if they do it and make them pick it up and put it in the bin.

Dog owners – clean up after your pet. We love dogs but not their mess.

Love where you live - it is our community and our responsibility.

Clean up our streets

Have you seen the lead story in the Clanfield News this week? If you haven’t, then get your copy today. Pictured on the front page are twins Callum and Dylan, just 8 years old, who are protesting against the amount of litter along the road verges.

It is a shameful moment when young children have to make a stand against the disgraceful actions of those who should be setting an example of good citizenship. The litter on the roads and in the hedgerows doesn’t get there by itself. It doesn’t suddenly materialise from another dimension. It is dropped, thrown and dumped by irresponsible thoughtless and law breaking individuals.

Do these litter louts behave like this in their own homes?

Responsible parents are teaching their children to care for the environment but what must these youngsters think when they see adults dropping cigarette butts, discarding drinks cans and throwing rubbish out of car windows. When a young child questions why dog mess has been left on the pavement, on a footpath or in their play area – how should we answer them?

It is no good just complaining, what we should do is to play our part in clearing the rubbish. Clanfield Online is in full support of the Post’s campaign to clean up our streets and make this area somewhere we are proud to call home. Consequently we are planning our own clean-up day - date yet to be confirmed. We will let you know when and where - so do come and join us!

Of course a clean-up day will not stop the problem of littering but at least we can look our children in the eye and say – we did our bit.

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Clean up our streets

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