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Prom Hair – Your Chance to Shine

  • Author: The Salon
  • Published: 17th April 2015
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Sophie from The Salon advises on preparation for a successful Prom

The exams are looming with frenzied revision and sleepless nights for the stressed Year 11 student. You need to be at your best for those important, potentially career transforming exams, but you also need to take a few moments off to relax and plan your outfit and your look at this year’s School Prom.

Guys - you get to choose a new suit, with a great haircut to complete a sharp new look. (Keep an eye out for a future blog on the latest men’s styling)

Girls - you have rather more to consider and arrange. Once the dress and accessories have been chosen the next thrilling decision is how your hairstyle will complement and enhance a glamorous look.

Hair up, down, straight, curled or perhaps a new cut and colour to maximise impact? With so many options the choice can be daunting. There are many examples of ‘up-do’s’ and hairstyles on the Internet - including The Salon’s website which can be a useful tool to use in your final decision.

Make an appointment for a consultation with your hairstylist and take along some images of styles that you really like. They will be able to advise you on what would be achievable and how to create that stunning hair style that will make you the centre of attention.

Don’t forget to book early for your pre-prom appointment to ensure that you get the time and the stylist you prefer. You don’t want to be disappointed on this very exciting and memorable day!

Appointments at The Salon all sorted? Now get back to your revision!

Prom Hair – your Chance to Shine

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Prom Hair – Your Chance to Shine

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