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Round and About

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 27th May 2015
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Have you noticed that the greenery in the centre of the Drift Road Roundabout looks trim and tidy?

Clanfield Online volunteers were up early last Sunday morning to prune back the foliage and ensure that one of the main crossing points of the village appeared smart and well kept. As they worked the volunteers were encouraged by the kind words of passersby. Clearly others liked the roundabout getting a short back and sides.

It is one of those strange anomalies that the centre of this roundabout doesn’t appear on any official maps and therefore does not receive attention from either East Hants or Hampshire County Council. Clanfield Online was happy to step in and ‘adopt’ the orphan roundabout. Last year we offered to maintain this little bit of greenery and will continue doing so in future.

It is not that HCC or East Hants District Council ignore their responsibilities, it’s just that occasionally some details get overlooked or go under the radar. Recently, I watched Council maintenance teams removing the weeds and litter from outside the shops in Drift Road. They cleared all the parking area and bus stop, working carefully around vehicles, to ensure that this area looks as good as it can. One chap was even on his knees methodically removing the deep rooted weeds. Council workers are often given a bad name but I was so impressed I phoned East Hants to congratulate them on a good job well done.

Clanfield Online - your local community website – is currently talking to several local organisations about improving the look of our village and surrounding areas. The South Downs is a lovely area so we should do everything we can to maintain our streets and corners of our community. As soon as we have some firm news of similar projects to enhance our neighbourhood we will let you know.

Job done!

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Round and About

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