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Food, Glorious Food

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  • Published: 25th June 2015
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A few weeks ago we met up with family members who were visiting from their home in Hong Kong. Their jobs have taken them far from their friends and family in the UK so it was a particularly special few hours we spent together.

I wanted to take gifts for them to enjoy but I knew their suitcases were already full so they couldn’t take anything back with them. What could I buy for them?

Actually, the solution was simple. I offered to make lunch for everyone.

I went to Reeve Butchers and bought a selection of English cheeses including Traditional Farmhouse and Somerset Brie together with several slices of their delicious home-cooked smoked ham.

Moving onto Nigel’s shop I purchased Jersey potatoes, Hampshire watercress and New Forest tomatoes. I couldn’t resist the English strawberries and neither could my guests!

I bought cream, wine and a selection of pickles from Costcutter to finish off my shopping basket.

In every shop I was assisted in my choices by helpful staff that enjoyed the challenge of suggesting suitable food for this special meal.

The lunch was a great success! The family loved the freshness and taste of everything on the table. I couldn’t have chosen a better present.

Have you got a special occasion coming up? The Clanfield Southern Co-operative Store is featuring Hampshire Fare- Local Flavours range – with free food tasting every Friday throughout July. Taste before you buy!

We do not realise how lucky we are in the UK to have safe, fresh and delicious food that comes from reputable sources. Your local shops stock a wide range of great food, so when you are wondering what present to buy, offer to make lunch!

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Food, Glorious Food

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