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Keep young and beautiful

  • Author: Sophie at The Salon
  • Published: 21st September 2015
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♬  Keep young and beautiful  ♬

 Advises Sophie at The Salon.

Mature women have a unique challenge, in that they don't want to look "old," but they also don't want to be to slaves to fashion. This can be easily achieved with sympathetic styling and the correct choice of hair colour. Judy Dench, Julie Walters and Helen Mirren are great examples of women who sport flattering looks with a touch of trendy styling. By opting for either a classic cut that never dates, trying out a new shape, or updating your favourite style with a new colour, you can keep glamorous and fashionable.

 Grey or white hair has it’s own specific challenges. It often requires more hydration, sympathetic smoothing or extra elasticity; this can all be achieved with luxurious care and professional treatments.  White hair, can be completely covered or enhanced with silver shampoos, pastel semis, or carefully placed low or highlights.  Colour isn’t just stylish, it can also shave years off your appearance.

 Our skin tones mellow as we get older and hair colour is a hue you'll be wearing every day, so choose wisely. Dying your hair properly is both an art and a science — you want it to complement your skin tone. Dark shades can be too severe and will emphasise shadows around your nose or mouth, and if your skin looks dull, you may need to be warmer in your coloring choices. A well chosen hair colour will help make your skin look clear, and your eyes bright and shiny.

 Keep colour as natural as possible – work with your grey rather than against it – anything too bold or bright will look ageing. Natural honey ‘slices’ will break up any grey, but in a natural way that will also keep your look soft. Today it’s less about solid, bold, block colour and more about being subtle and glamorous and adding some natural shimmer, achieved by using a multi-tone highlighting technique.

 The clue to ageless beauty is to embrace new trends. Age is just a number, so be open to change. To make sure you always walk out of the door feeling comfortable and gorgeous in your skin, visit your hair salon on a consistent basis, and have regular style check-ups. When your hair feels good, so will you!

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