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  • Author: Sophie at The Salon
  • Published: 1st October 2015
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 Asks Sophie at The Salon.

A recent survey by found that a whopping 72% of women think grey hair is hot. But only of course if it is well groomed and styled into a flattering shape. Think Richard Gere, George Clooney. Mark Foster, Rupert Graves and Philip Schofield (to name a few fellow foxes!)

 So fall in love with your grey hair, and treat it with respect. White hair is often porous and can absorb pollutants from the atmosphere, resulting in yellow tones along the hair shaft.  Shampoo’s containing blue or violet tones will counteract this process and leave the hair looking clean and shiny. There are also shampoos to remove an overload of styling products; these will leave your hair feeling soft and bouncy. Of course a good conditioner is paramount to retain moisture in the hair and reduce fluffiness.

 Don’t be scared of using products to finish off your style. Which product suits you can boil down to personal preference. What works for one man or hair type might not be suitable for another, and occasionally it can sometimes mean trying a new product, rather than undergoing a dramatic change of hairstyle.

 For example on dry hair, work clay into the hands and apply to the hair for a natural layered matte finish with a firm control. To finish the look add a little more Clay using your finger tips to tweak and really define the layers. A paste ( L’Oreal Sculpte) is ideal for dishevelled cuts and hairstyles that are loosely arranged. While a strong hold gel is ideal for slick styles that require loads of hold and support. This product will keep your style in place all day without flaking and, best of all, no hair dryer is required – perfect for when you go on holiday, So many hairsprays on the market cause your hair to appear wet or crispy. Elnett, on the other hand, offers superb hold without the shiny, gloss effect – so if you’re looking to hold volume for as long as possible, this will do the trick. Visit your salon for some product recommendation to add to your grooming arsenal.

 Mature men need to keep up with the finishing touches, straggly hair on ears, nose and eyebrows need to be kept in check to maintain a sexy style. If bearded keep well shaped to avoid looking uncared for.

 Invest in a good haircut, grey or white hair looks fabulous with a fashionable trendy trim. Don’t be afraid to experiment, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. Your stylist will always be happy to advise you on a new hairstyle and the styling products that will keep you looking gorgeous.


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