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Winter motoring checklist

  • Author: Graham Parish - Hilltop Garage
  • Published: 16th November 2015
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As we move from autumn into winter motorists will face difficult weather conditions on the road.  In the past few days we have seen heavy rain and stormy conditions and we can expect to experience fog, ice and snow in the coming months. The wise motorist will take a few precautionary steps to ensure greater driving safety.

 Take action now and have a maintenance service carried out on your car in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. If your car is not due to have a service then complete this simple checklist using your handbook or manual.

  • Check your tyres!  Are they correctly inflated to manufacturer’s guidelines and have they got adequate tread?  Not sure? Then read our previous blog on tyre safety.
  • Check your brakes and handbrake are working correctly; if your car is pulling to one side on breaking you should have your vehicle serviced. 
  • Check all lights are functioning correctly and that lenses are clean. Replace any blown bulbs immediately so that you can be clearly seen by other motorists.
  • Service the cooling system; check for leaks and ensure the antifreeze content of the coolant is correct. Refer to the handbook or call Hilltop Garage who will be happy to help.
  • Replace windscreen washer fluid with a wintertime mixture that won’t freeze.
  • Check the heating and air conditioning is working effectively to give you a comfortable journey and ensure clear vision of the road ahead.
  • Keep the fuel tank topped up in freezing temperatures to avoid ice build-up in the tank.
  • Check the engine oil level regularly and top up as necessary.

One of the most important things to do before starting any journey is to thoroughly defrost the windows before you drive away. Just a taking a few extra minutes clearing your windows and warming up the inside of your car make it much safer to drive.

If you have any concerns about your car then visit Hilltop Garage Horndean and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help and advise you. If you prefer you can call us on 02392 596038.


 Safe motoring this winter!


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