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Get Ready for the Clanfield Challenge

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 25th April 2016
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Get Ready for the Clanfield Challenge

The London Marathon, with nearly 40,000 runners taking part and millions around the country cheering them on, was a truly impressive spectacle.

Whether those taking part were professionals striving to slice a few seconds off their personal best or amateurs hoping to just make it to the finish line, it was for the viewer a simply awe inspiring and humbling experience.  Many of those running looked like the average person in the street.  Not everyone taking part was built like a super fit athlete, many were carrying a few extra pounds and yet still they ran! As for the costumes – well weren’t they just fabulous and the amount of money raised for charity was truly stunning.

So, were you inspired by the London Marathon?  If so, why not run in the Clanfield Challenge? It is less than a month to go to our own Clanfield Challenge on Sunday 22 May 2016. The numbers registering for the 12K, 5K and 1K routes are rising every week and excitement is building as the runners are preparing for the big day.

Not quite prepared to pull on the trainers?  Then how about volunteering to help on the day – many hands make light work. Contact

Clanfield Online is sponsoring the Clanfield Challenge. Several months of hard work by a committee of local business people and the Clanfield Joggers have been put into organising this event. We are also encouraging runners and spectators alike to dig deep and support the Clanfield Joggers in their efforts to raise funds for research into PSPA - a Parkinson’s type disease.

The Clanfield Challenge, through this event, aims to raise the profile of our growing village, welcome new residents and encourage people of all ages to get involved in running. There will be stalls in South Lane Meadow featuring local businesses and community groups. We have signed up ‘tiny tots’ as well as ‘golden oldies’ to join us in a run or help on the day so what are you waiting for?

Get ready and join us on Sunday 22 May to run, volunteer or simply join in the fun.



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