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  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 20th June 2016
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There is an awful lot of sport around this summer. 

Football fans are revelling in the rolling coverage of the European Championships; tennis fans are gearing up for Wimbledon whilst Test Match Special is number one in many households.  As for the Olympics, we might all need to go into special training to watch that festival of sport.

It is absolutely right we should cheer on the brave men and women who train so hard to produce a stunning performance on the international stage. But whilst we don’t want to miss a minute of watching major fixtures how about supporting our local sports teams as well? 

Clanfield Cricket Club has a full schedule of games this season and always welcomes new players to the team. Their Summer Reports have become quite a regular and popular feature on this website and what could be better than spending a few hours enjoying the game from the boundary – take a picnic and make it a special occasion. 

Clanfield Joggers are pleased to report that new members have joined the club since the Clanfield Challenge in May. Locals have been inspired to pull on their trainers and have a go at running after seeing over 500 competitors take part in that amazing day.  Clanfield Joggers will give you advice, help and support – you just have to make that first step.

And for those of you who want to enjoy the less energetic but cannily precise nature of Bowls then we have the club for you right here in the village.  They are a friendly group that meet in the Memorial Hall who will guide you through the intricacies of the game.

Joining a local sports team is not just about pushing yourself to new physical heights; it is also meeting new people, making friends and becoming involved in our community. 

So this summer enjoy the sport on offer, in Brazil, Europe or right here in Clanfield.      

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