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Drift Road Plans - Have your say

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 3rd August 2016
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Drift Road Plans - Have your say

A week ago Clanfield Online reported on plans being drawn up by Hampshire County Council about a possible landscaping project centred on the Drift Road Roundabout area in Clanfield.   These plans, which are in the early phase of development, would transform a drab and tired looking shopping area and crossroads into what an attractive village centre ought to look like; with more interesting paved areas, planters and trees.

Clanfield and Horndean are growing fast but we don’t want our shopping centres to be neglected and fall into disrepair. Local shops and businesses are at the heart of a prosperous and healthy community life. Other villages in the UK have been transformed by well-designed landscaping developments – so why not our village?  

There was a lot of interest in this story in the past week with the number of hits to the website rising dramatically and Facebook followers sharing information amongst friends and family.  Clanfield Online will continue to report on these plans in the next few months and we will work alongside our local councils and the business community as they investigate and develop the feasibility study. 

So what happens next?  Well, we need you to help us by talking to neighbours, friends and family in the area about this project.  We really do want your ideas and comments.  What type of improvements would you like to see in the Drift Road Roundabout area? Perhaps you know villages that have benefited from a similar transformation and can send us some photographs? We will publish your good ideas on this website and then ensure the council’s landscape designers receive these suggestions and take note of them.

Clanfield needs a centre to be proud of so please get involved and submit your ideas.

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